Horses Enjoying The Beautiful Weather

These horses were grazing in the fields, so I stopped to video tape them. If you look carefully in the back ground, I don’t know if you see them,  but there are horses heading in this direction. Most are coming through the water, the odd one is going across the field at the back and over to the right of the field on the other side of the water. Those ones are two horses with a colt. The horses must have thought someone was coming to feed them or something. Then when I was shutting off my car, that’s when the camera video shook a bit and you hear the ding of my car making noise, the horses started to move away.


About Beloved of God

I love different types of things which I love to put on my blog and share with my viewers. I was told I would be great at blogs. but not very familiar with it. So hang in there while I find my way around the blogging. Thanks for being patient. I have started blogging again. This one is more of a business/pleasure type of thing. Have a nice day and I hope you enjoy some of my stuff. Please leave comments and suggestions. Look forward to hearing from you. On another note. Things like movies etc which I posted on my site, are just borrowed. I do not own them. It is just for viewing & enjoyment. Bye for now and have a great day. I pray the Lord would truly bless your day :)
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