Rob and Amber – Survivor

Boston Rob – HERO

Rob  Mariano, Boston Rob. One of the hardest physical survivor players ever. I am sure this video will go down in history. Something to remember for all time.

Boston Rob Tribute

Another tear jerker!

Survivor Boston Rob – Best Fake Death EVER!

I know the game took a lot out of Rob. They said in the clip he was faking it. I might be a fool but I don’t think so. Ya he got his 2nd wind later & felt better and was putting his all into it.

Murlonio: it means “from the sea”

So funny. What a game player you are! Your kid’s must love you.

Rob and Amber shes more

This was so beautiful tears rolled down my cheeks. 😀

Rob and Amber-All about us

Rob and Amber Bahamas Wedding Segment from the CBS Early Show May 24, 2005

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 1)

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 2)

At the beginning of this clip I can see Rob freakn out. Amber is taking over & then they get talkn about the food. Well this is his baby. They found the perfect spot for the wedding.

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 3)

Rob it’s good you know what a woman wants & how to make her happy. Your mother or dad, must have taught you well.  Rob learning to dance. I hear ya Rob & I understand. Not necessarily a guy thing.

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 4)

I did want to mention that even though Rob worked hard at making the home so both, especially Amber would love it. Amber worked hard at getn a very special gift for Rob. They both pulled it off well! 😀

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 5)

Rob & Amber work on the big surprise for each other.

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 6)

You can bet that there will always be snags in wedding preparations where some thing goes wrong and you get upset. This is no exception. Things happen, but end the end it all works out and is so worth it.

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 7)

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 8)

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 9)

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 10)

The last supper. Most amazing bachelor & bachelorette party. 😀

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 11)

Another tear jerker. Amazing Rob & Amber so awesome. The tears are still flowing down my cheeks. I am so happy for you. The big surprise.

Rob & Amber: Get Married (Part 12)

Rob & Amber: Get Married (FINAL PART)

This is the last part of their nationally televised wedding.


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