About Me

I live in the countryside and enjoy the quiet and peace that it gives me. I love listening to the birds and watching the sky as it takes shape. Also there are many memories along the way of music and T.V. shows in the past I love to share with my viewers. Feel free to check out my other blog at http//www.musicnostalgic.wordpress.com.

your host for the time being

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Where ever you are in the world I ask for you to come join me. First off, before we start. Stop, get up. Turn off all distractions; radio, T.V., kid’s (if you have kid’s tell them that I Backalleymomma  would like them to come sit quietly and listen. See what they can hear), fans, everything.  Grab your drink, snack or what ever, sit down and listen to this next video. This is my world for the most part. See the area out from where the vehicles, grass and the trees are. Just imagine something to sit on, possibly a nice quaint table. It is May 25th, 2011. The sun has just come out. NO ONE is up, except the birds . Listen…… the birds are singing good morning everyone, it is gonna be a b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l day. Isn’t it. Now is this a nice way to start your morning or what. Now sit back and relax and later today we will walk over, just on the other side of those trees (that’s my neighbor across the street from me,…she has a duck pond behind her house) there is a duck pond and we will go in the mid to early afternoon when it’s gotta fairly warm, siesta time, and lay our blankets on the grass and have our mid afternoon snack while we watch the birds and the fowl on the pond. It’s a nature made pond as you can see. So later on today when it is time to stop for a snack come to my duck pond and join me. I look forward to seeing you. Oh yes and your comments. Now you have a nice day okay. Bye for now. We will talk to you later. Enjoy the show.

So if you just hang in there while I find my way around blogging I hope to make it interesting and nostalgic. So here goes. Oh yes my other blog is http//www.musicnostalgic.wordpress.com  Enjoy!



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